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welcome to the willow centre cornwall, part of sarcWelcome to The Willow Centre, Cornwall’s Sexual Assault Referral Centre

The Willow Centre is a multi agency service that offers a highly confidential and holistic approach to all victims of rape and serious sexual assault above the age of 16 years.

We provide a victim centred approach and the highest standard of care. The victim’s voice and the choices they make are paramount.

Have you been raped or sexually assaulted?

Here at The Willow Centre, we have specially trained, experienced professionals who can provide you with:


  • Sexual health information and referral services;
  • Information about reporting to the police and judicial processes;
  • Forensic medical facilities;
  • Referral to counselling services;
  • Post-sexual assault follow-up care;
  • Support through the criminal justice system;
  • Practical support and referrals to other community services;
  • Consultation services to other professionals.

If you are a victim of rape or sexual assault our specialist workers can inform you of your options and assist you in making your own decisions about your care.

At The Willow Centre, our staff are experienced in working with people who have suffered sexual violence. We can offer you a place of safety and support you in your recovery.

All victims of sexual assault have rights, to read more about these visit

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